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We are an anti-smoking organization which promotes healthy lifestyles. By being a member of REBEL we are telling all of the big tobacco companies that we are NOT FOR SALE.

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Update 6/15/08

Looks like we've wrapped up another year! We've been very busy! 

Our chapter attended the REBEL Summit held at Six Flags Great Adventure on May 15th. 

We had our end of the year party after school on May 21st. 

A few of our members participated in Relay for Life on May 31st through June 1st.

Finally to finish up the year we attended the Rebel Music Video Premiere where we presented a poster created by our members summarizing what we have done this year, the Kick Butts Day Powerpoint created by Travis, and the infamous "Jar of Tar". The event went great!

If you would like a copy of the music video, or any of the pictures from Kick Butts Day please contact us.

Congrats to Allyse for recieving the Senior REBEL Award. Good Luck to all our seniors!

Also the Music Video has just been posted on Youtube and can be viewed at the link below.



See eveyone in September!



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